5 March 2015

Easter Has Launched At Lush

I get so excited when Lush launch a new collection. This month we've got the Easter collection and their Mothers Day bits. As i'm not a mother - i'm all over the Easter products. Just look at them - the glittery little egg is absolutely fabulous. Here are a few of my faves -

Golden Egg
This is most probably the best smelling Lush product ever and it's covered in glitter - gold glitter. The main scent of this little glittery beaut is honey and toffee - literally my fave. Apparently it smells like the Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar, so I need to be buying that up next. It's so moisturising, that once you're out that bath you just need to get dressed - no extra moisturisation needed - just straight into your jammies and your done - also covered in glitter I might add. Perfect!

Bunch of Carrots
How could I not buy these - I mean how freaking cute are they? These carrots are bubble bars - so they make your bath all lovely and bubbly. I've read reviews saying that you can get away with just breaking off half of the carrot and holding it under a running tap - et voila - lots of lovely bubbles. They are described as tropical smelling, however, tropical to me is mango and papaya. It still smells amaze, I just can't work out what the smell actually is.

I love this egg - it makes your bath pink and smells Ah-ma-zing. Also i'm not getting any Easter Eggs this year, so I think this would be a great substitute. I use the whole egg in a single bath as I can't work out how to break it - so if you have any tips let me know. It is a great bath bomb, however I haven't seen a bath bomb fizzle and bubble away into nothing so quickly. That doesn't mean the product isn't good, it is. It says it smells like candy floss, which might be what I can smell, but i'm not sure, yet it is definitely sweet smelling.

Hoppity Poppity
This little Hoppity Poppity Bath Bomb bunny is just so cute. I haven't used mine yet as I don't want to ruin it, however, when i'm brave enough to melt a bunny in my bath, i'll stay in there for an hour - to make his sacrifice worth it. Also it has popping candy so i'm ridiculously excited by this.

Hugs & Kisses

Chanel & Ripped Jeans

Happy Thursday everyone. The Sunshine is making me make some stupid wardrobe choices, like leaving the house without a coat! The sun is so deceiving and is still so so cold. Luckily I like to throw all sorts in my car, so I found a coat or 5. Anyways i'm off to spend my whole day in front of a computer trying to sort my life out.

T-Shirt Topshop // Blazer BooHoo // Jeans ASOS // Boots Bon Prix

Hugs & Kisses

4 March 2015


How Ah-mazing is the coat colour. I've already worn it this week, but I forgot to tag it and also I couldn't be bothered to type anything in the post. This coat is from a site called Damart, which I have only just discovered. If you want to get your hands on this beaut, then check them out here.

Coat Damart // Boots River Island // Jeans ASOS // Bag Topshop

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3 March 2015

Outfits Past

Blouse Dorothy Perkins // Skirt M&S  

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2 March 2015

Windy Days

Hi guys Happy Monday. here is what I was wearing yesterday in some rubbish windy outfit shots. It's a pain in the butt as the days that I seem to be with people its stupidly windy or we have some crazy torrential rain. So i've officially given up and here you have some blowy outfit pics. Have a great day and check back later to see what Lush's Eater collection looks like.

Coat Damart // Boots & Bag Topshop // Jeans ASOS // Jumper Primark

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1 March 2015

Shoe Perfection

I haven't bought new shoes in such a long time - it really is a sad state of affairs! Le sigh! I just haven't seen any that have popped out at me and said buy me! However these shoes were everything that I was looking for. I mean just look at them. Glittery, suede, just beautiful. I got these from Nelly - for the bargainacious price of £12.95. I don't know if that deal is still going on, but it's worth a look.

Hugs & Kisses

Eggs Wrapped In Bacon

Happy Sunday girls and Happy 1st Day of March - roll on Spring. I thought as the weather is horrid outside i'd show you yesterdays breakfast. This one was super quick and so easy to whip up, that i'd even go as far as saying that I could even make this every morning before work. It's that easy.

What you'll need: 
2 eggs

Pop the oven on at 200 degrees. Then wrap the bacon around the edges of the muffin tray. I couldn't find mine this morning so I used a cupcake tray, so the recipe looked like it went a bit further.

Mix the eggs and cheese together in a bowl until combined. Then pour the mixture into the cupcake tray. Make sure to not fill it all the way as the eggs rise/ get bigger/ expand, whatever the cooking term is. Add some more cheese to each one. Then put the tray into the oven and set the timer for 30 minutes.

Whilst the eggs are in the oven - go and get ready for the day - pop your make up on and do your hair. After 25 minuted have passed get your tomatoes and some coconut oil and cook them up. When the timer goes off you are all done.

I gobbled mine down with a lovely double chocolate mocha. It's my new addiction. I hope you give this ago - it's super yummy.

Hugs & Kisses