10 April 2012

Baby Shower Planning

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My best friend is due in the next 2 weeks and I have been planning or rather thinking about what kind of baby shower to throw for her. I haven't been to many myself, so I was at a bit of a loss for inspiration. We know she's having a girl, so obviously pink will be very prominent, and the theme will revolve around sweets and butterflies. We are basically an extention of each other, so preparing something she loves shouldn't be too hard.

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Hugs & Kisses


Simderella said...

aww how cute is that popcorn! love baby shower planning xx

MessyDirtyHair said...

I love everything! Having a girl is so much fun just because everything is pink!

Xo Kelly

Char! said...

good luck with the planning x

Maggie ☮ said...

You have no idea how excited I am that I read this because one of my good friends is having a shower as well and I been to about 3 baby showers in my life so I have no idea. Thanks to pinterest though I think I'll be alright in planning lol.

*Good Luck with yours.

Lesley said...

Such cute photos! I bet pinterest would be a terrific help with this!xx

Katie said...

What great pictures! I want multicoloured popcorn now :)

francisdodson said...

These photos are gorgeous! Love the last one x

la vie quotidienne said...


YUMMY...mmm..i'm hungry now.

Perfect shooting...amazing CAKE

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La Vie Quotidienne

Kirsty said...

they all look amazing! baby showers are becoming so popular in the UK now x

Franzi said...

really cute photos :)

Ambyr said...

I love the polka dots on the one table cloth, super cute for a baby shower. Of course the last set of images is beautiful, almost wedding shower though.


Temporary:Secretary said...

Lots of inspirational photos, i want to plan a little party now too! x

Azucar y Miel said...

Mmmm so sweet!!

XoXo =)

★ diyearte by L and S ★ said...

how cute and sweet!!
we love your blog!!

DIY and more...

Lilli said...

so lovely photos, my fav is the one with the cake!:)

Miss K said...

Good luck with the preparations

shopaholic housewife said...

Oh, so delicious!! :D


Allison said...

Love all of the amazing pink food! yummy!

AND THANK YOU so much for your lovely comment on my blog!
follow each other?



Taylor Morgan said...

Gorgeous pictures! Everything looks so delicious in pink! :)



Ekaete said...

Hey hun, I have awarded you the 'I love music and I love your blog' award.
You can check it out on my blog... don't feel pressured to do it if you don't want to xx

apopofpurple said...

these are so cute I wanna eat them! It's so sweet of you too :)

xo Jenn


Jessica Cai said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! These pics are soo cute, congrats on your baby shower :)
xoxo Jess

fifi said...

thanks for stopping by and commenting! what fab inspiration pics love pink!!!

Francesca Felix said...

you just made me SOOOO hungry!! this all looks amazing

samantha said...

wauw cute pictures and i love a baby shower!

Joana said...

This all looks perfect and sweet. Good luck with the planning/preparation and the party!

xo Joana

Czmiel said...

aww it's so cute! have a lot of fun!

i have new post;)

milana2078 said...

Thank you for your wonderful comment! Very appetizing! Brava!


Andi of My Beautiful Adventures said...

BEYOND AMAZING!!!!!! Seriously perfect.

Daiana Aguirre said...

Love the colorful pop corn! and the pictures of the strawberries with cereal... Here, in Argentina, it's time for breakfast and the picture made me wish a breakfast like that...
I saw the pictures of your possible new home, it's wonderful!! hope you can get it!! Kisses

Kultur und Stil said...

thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm sure you'll prepare a wonderful baby-shower for her, these photos are already a great inspiration!

xxx Anita

. . . . . . . . . . . said...

ayss me lo comía todo todito que pinta tienen los pasteles!!!=)


mirjam schuurkamp said...

such sweet things!
love a baby shower!
never had it, wish i can have one for my own someday!

New outfit post - In love with my zara jacket

Jasmine said...

lovely! i feel so inspired! haha

xx jasmine

pinkmate said...

The photos are just lovely!!! Great theme!



Grace @ Wrinkled Chiffon said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by Wrinkled Chiffon...what a sweet comment! These ideas are amazing for the baby shower...just love all the pink little details. Especially that cake, yum!

Have a great day!

xo Grace

Fashion is for idiots [like us] said...

Thank you so much for your comment!:)
Your blog is great - I wish the quality of the pictures were higher so that we could see more details of your outfits! :) x

fashion is for idiots [like us]

skiminastka said...

cute photos :) <3

Andrea Davó said...

great picss !! love that kind of days ! :)

Self-Dressed said...

Amazing pink pics!!!!
love your outfit!!!


coffedoll said...

ombre cake is amazing! I must try to do it by myself! :)